Happy new Year!

happy-new-year-card-1099718_960_720Many nice things in preparation for this year:
– An improvement of the bonus system and the open-beta for multiplayer mode for Season’s Pearl
– Many new models for Finger Painting
– A new game: this time it will be an endless shooter with a procedural terrain generator

Season’s Pearl on Indie DB

Season’s Pearl is now register on IndieDB.
The aim of Indie DB is to connect independent developers of games with players, from the day they start developing their game to the day they release it. On Indie DB we give developers control of the site, allowing them to share details and behind the scenes insight about the games they are creating, in the form of news, images, videos and downloads. (Visit Indie DB)

Season’s Pearl 1.3.0 in approach

I’m working hard on my new Shoot’em Up Project, sorry.

But this week, I’m switched to do a next release of “Season’s Pearl”.

Gits Codes are ready and some new challenges.

What is Gifts Codes?
If you found a giftcode (like “x5v6h9iv” for example), you can use this code to get some Bonus on game.
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Season’s Pearl – Versus Mode Still Need Balancing

Good News : Versus mode mechanisms work perfectly!
– Very soon, you can challenge anyone in the world in real time!
– Many new “Versus-handicaps” dedicated are implemented.

Bad News : I need to balance this Versus Matches feature.
Why? Two main reasons :
– The invitation of friends in game is not working as I would like to. In some complex cases, the game does not start after an invitation
– I want to give many fun to fight some opponents: I need yet to balance Versus-handicaps.
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